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The Very Best Gites In France

Staying in France for a holiday can be wonderful.  It can be pricey. But it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune.  There are some lesser-known and amazing places to stay and enjoy the place and the region. If you want to stay in a city, you’ll more likely want a hotel, rather than […]

Cool Things To Do In France

  OK, its a BIIIIG place to sweepingly say “cool things to do”.  But lets dive into it like it isnt a massive place to generalise with such a cavalier attitude. There is a lot to explore and a huge amount of land to cover.  But we can do it.  You know we can… So […]

Your Paris Starter For Ten

So I thought we’d kick things off right at the heart of where it is all going on. Paris. FAR too much has already been written about Paris, but that is an oxymoron because it is simply linguistically impossible to write too much about Paris. There is so much going on there, and so much […]

More Cool Things To Do In France – Part 2

Now we’re carrying on from the last post here, looking at all manner of groovy things to be getting up to in the wonderful land of France.  Before, we looked at the north west and mid west.  Now, let’s move on in a circular view, carrying on anti-clockwise, as you look at a map of France. […]